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Warefor Solutions LLC is a startup that specializes in selling kitchenware products.

I was tasked with making a functional yet eyecatching ecommerce site that would retain customers and encourage them to buy goods. My top priority was insuring a pleasant user experience and maximum customer engagement.

My Role

Project Management

Information Architecture


UI/UX Design

Content creation

Creative direction

Tools used

Odoo Open Source ERP



bigger gif.gif

The ecommerce website began with ideation, user research and competitive analysis. 

View the full competitive audit report here

Copy of Competitor audit - Wayhome - Example.jpg

Pain points/ Frictions in user flow: 

  • Users often struggle with how the product will look in their home. They need size references.

  • "Item was unexpectedly too big for our home when it was delivered." - interviewee

  • Abandon cart when delivery process is unclear

  • When things are too slow to load

  • When there aren't detailed specs or zoomed in image

  • No reviews or engagement visible

Successful examples from competitor websites:

Screenshot 2022-05-07 183810.jpg
Screenshot 2022-05-07 183931.jpg
Screenshot 2022-05-07 184026.jpg
Screenshot 2022-05-07 184039.jpg
Screenshot 2022-05-07 183708.jpg

Some of the most popular online cookware retailers featured large, high resolution splash pages of their cookware in use or in aesthetically pleasing settings.

They all also had an option to "shop by category" on the front page in addition to the main navigation on top. The team appreciated the way Material kitchen did their main page product feature by saying "Meet The Forever Peeler."  

What makes an ecommerce site successful?

Must haves

- Simple primary navigation

- Eye-catching banner image on front page

- Product promotion on front page

- Plenty of opportunities to click Shop Now

- Shortest pathway to checkout

- Lots of product lifestyle photos

- Fast load times

- Customer reviews and engagement

Must have features:

  • Categories in the main menu, as well as shop all

  • Clear "Contact Us" page

  • A large, eyecatching image banner on the front page

  • New product promotion in home page

  • A zoom feature and lifestyle photos in shop

Our opportunities:

  • Being able to shop by brand, by material, or style

  • Least amount of clicks to checkout


Hifi Wireframes-Pres.jpg


Homepage design with a good review and a new product highlight


Homepage design with large picture banner and popular categories

Another Homepage design 

sketch 4.jpg

Other ecommerce sites with good UXand similar objectives

Dynamic dropdown menu layouts and hierarchy


Possible brand landing page layout with "about brand", banner image and top picks

Main page quote ideas

sketch 6.jpg
zoom product_1.gif

Home Page

wedsite homepage all layout.png

Shop all page


Product Page

full featuredproduct page.png

Featured product highlight page

Product categories snippet


"Cookware for All" featured product page

Original in-studio product photography

According to our research, a beautiful splash page of products on the home page is key to capturing the customers attention. We took these photos 

Banner _temp.jpg
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